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Introduction, Dec 2010 (sticky post)

I've been planning my retirement for some time, and it finally occurred at the end of November 2010. I want to do a lot of caravanning; and the idea of keeping a record had occured to me - mostly for the amusement of my friends and family, but you're all welcome to take a look. I'll add new posts to the top, and photosets as links, and when the page gets too long I'll archive it and start a new one.

There are plans for a comments page, but not implemented yet.

I shall resurrect a neglected hobby of photography. I'm no expert, but I enjoy it; and I'll treat myself to a nice shiny-new digital camera.

If you enjoy this site, I'm delighted; if not, well, I've had my fun creating it, and I wish you joy elsewhere on the 'net: there's enough of it, in all conscience!



10/02/11 - the promised Comments page now exists here

Largs to Cumbrae
29 June

We had lunch in Largs and then drove round the island of Cumbrae - very pretty. Photos are from the ferry.

The Forth and Clyde Canal
June 2011

Various photos taken on a walk, playing with the camera, of Facebook.

Sedburgh Folk Festival
June 2011

I'm experimenting with Facebook: here's the link.

The Severn Valley Railway
June 2011

Bridgnorth to Coalport

June 2011

A very attractive town.

Elvaston Castle
June 2011

Mansion and Country Park

Kedleston Hall
June 2011

One of the most attractive Stately Homes I have visited

June 2011

Only a few photos here

The Knotty Line
May 2011

From Rushton Spencer towards North Rode Junction

Macclesfield Canal
May 2011

Part 3, from Macclesfield to Marple

Macclesfield Canal
May 2011

Part 2, from Congleton to Macclesfield

Macclesfield Canal
May 2011

Part 1, from Harding's Wood to Congleton

Trent and Mersey Canal
May 2011

From Trentham to Hardings Wood

Sutton Maddock
April/May 2011

Home again, and a new toy

St Neots
April 2011

Last call this trip

Easter 2011

Easter in style

April 2011

Living below the sea?

April 2011

Kinderszenen u.s.w.

April 2011

To drive a juggernaut

Ebury Hill, cont
April 2011

Shrewsbury churches and Walcot Mill

Ebury Hill
April 2011

Shropshire spring

Newport (Shropshire)
March 2011

Home ground again

Falkirk Wheel
March 2011

How to drive a boat uphill.

March 2011

Visiting family

Five Red Herrings
March 2011

In the Steps of Lord Peter Wimsey: or, my adventures in Galloway.

February 2011

Sun, sea and sand ... and a cold wind.

February 2011

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I'm on tour, indefinitely.

Touring again, pt 1
Touring again, pt 2

February 2011

A trip to Macclesfield and Leek, more or less for the sake of it.

A load of rubbish!
January 2011

Seven years ago, our Local Authority decided not to collect our rubbish from our flats, but to make us carry it down to big, ugly, smelly communal bins. At last, we've got a proper bin compound - but not what we were promised.

Winter at Home
January 2011

I'm staying at home for January, largely because of my involvement in local amateur theatre and its production of a pantomome, Tom Thumb. I'm the sound engineer. But being at home, I'll publish the odd bit of local interest, and maybe the odd political rant. I'm retired now, so I can say what I like short of libel and no-one can get at me for it. Mmm, that feels good.


Christmas 2010

I have family in Glasgow, and went directly there from Kingsbury to spend Christmas with them. It was very cold and snowy to start with, but after Christmas a slow thaw set in, and the weather became very grey, dull and uninspiring to the amateur photographer.

There was a night halt on the way back, at Laverich Hall, an excellent Caravan Club CL with fine views; and I had an evening walk along Morecambe promenade to finish my trip. Home for New Year.

Kinsgsbury Water Park
December 2010

I went to Kingsbury Water Park (Caravan Club) in the snow, as a base for two concerts on two successive evenings. St Agnes Fountain in Birmingham Town Hall gave us a wonderfully light-hearted set of unfamiliar versions of familiar carols; the Mediaeval Baebes at the Garrick Theatre, Lichfield, presented superbly their arrangements of mediaeval poetry and songs. A fantastic start to Christmas.


This site was only begun in the last days of the year, so there is only one entry so far; and that is experimental, the photos having been taken with a mobile phone. It's also under development and whilst afaik it works, bits of it may look scrappy. Developed using a text editor and Firefox - I am not responsible for mangling by less-well-behaved browsers!

Snowy scenes in the Shropshire hills, and an old lead mine.


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