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The Severn Valley railway

Bridgnorth to Coalport

June 2011

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The Severn Valley Railway from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth is a popular tourist steam railway, and I have some earlier photos of it here. There is also an account of the Coalport to Buildwas Junction section here. When I wrote the latter - a dozen years ago now, I said that the landowners have posted notices threatening death, damnation and boiling in oil to anyone foolhardy enough to dare to walk along them, but I am pleased to report that now, the track is a permissive path open to pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians.

At the Bridgnorth end, about a mile from the town, the trackbed is closed and, indeed, partly built upon, and the path breaks away to a line and from there by road into Hightown. This will be one impediment to the idea that has been mooted that the Severn Valley Railway should extend its track to Ironbridge.

The most interesting features of this section are the stations at Linley and Coalport, both now in residential use, and the fine mosses growing on the stone of a cutting.

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