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St Neots

April 2011

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27th April 2011

I got here yesterday; went for a ride, and photographed the parish church basking in the sun; found a sluice, much smaller than the Denver sluice but with an impressive amount of water passing through; went for a walk, and found a lock and a mill (I have been there before, c.1990). Eaton Socon Mill is now a pub, and the beer was excellent.

28th April 2011

To Bedford. I was going to call at Bushmead Priory but it was closed - I'd misread the English Heritage handbook.

A couple of miles outside Bedford I got a puncture. Yet again. This one's a slow puncture, and I couldn't find it. So the rest of the trip was a matter of riding for a quarter of an hour or so, then stopping to pump up the tyre again. Tedious.

I have only been to Bedford a few times, and not for almost fifty years. The town itself is just that: a town like many another, at least so far as one can discover in an afternoon visit; but the bridge over the Ouse is beautiful, famous and photogenic.

Chores tomorrow (clothes to wash, caravan to clean, puncture to locate and mend). Back to Telford on Thursday.

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