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Sedburgh Folk Festival

June 2011

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The festival was held in stunningly beautiful surroundings, but mixed weather. A damp Friday and downpours on Saturday led to a need fro tractors on Sunday and Monday morning - some of the tenters and 4x4 caravanners got themselves off, but others, and the heavier motorhomes, needed help. Many people will also have boots and coats that need hosing down before being allowed in the house: the mud was particularly sticky.

Some pics are better than others - depending on available light, and on who danced into the way!

The Environment

Gotcher! I bet you'd forgotten that environment means what's around us - including the good bits.

Chuck Brodsky

Hans Theessink

The Eliza Carthy Band

Room Full of Mirrors

The Fosbanks

Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts

Judy Collins

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