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The Knotty Line

May 2011

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The Railway from Rushton Spencer to North Rode Junction

This was a somewhat abortive trip. I intended to ride the line, to complement my exploration in the other direction back in February; but the bridleway along the line ends only a litte furthe north than I reached then. Instead, I looked for the road crossings and other signs of its course, but there are two I failed to get photos of: the A54 bridge near Bosley, and the junction with the main line (still in service) at North Rode. Maybe another day.

Looking north up the line, with Rushton Spencer station and the Knot Inn behind me.

The End.

Looking back south, from the end of the path.

A clue!

The line from the south came up the side of the shed ...

... as can be seen better in this shot.

There must have been a level crossing.

The bridge over a stream can still be seen in the undergrowth.

The Old Knotty may be no more (alas), but the works, perhaps built here because there was both water and transport, is still very much in business, if a little quiet on a bank holiday.

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