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The Stiperstones

December 2010

Snowy scenes in the Shropshire hills, and an old lead mine.

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This trip was intended as a few days away to mark the start of my retirement. The pic is a view NNW from the Lilac House Certificated Site (Camping and Caravanning Club). I was made very welcome, supplied with water from the house (the site taps being frozen, obviously); and offered a tow off, which I did not need, my newly-acquired Volvo XC70 All-Wheel-Drive justifying its reputation for being able to cope.

We are looking towards Chirk, and beyond to the Welsh hills.

This is a view NNE from Lilac House. The view is fine today, but the previous day it was spectacular, with the sun on icing-sugar trees in the foreground, then over the top of mist for 45 miles to the steam of the power station at Ince, near Ellesmere Port, with the various hills rising from the mist like islands in the sea. As the mist slowly cleared, you could have believed the tide was going out.

I used to be a driving instructor, and I took these to show a friend, also a pupil. She has had difficulty understanding how the rear wheels of the car do not follow the same track as the front.

In these photos, you can clearly see the outside track with the sharpest turn (front wheels), the middle track cutting the corner by about half a metre (rear wheels) and the third track (caravan wheels) cutting it by as much again.

The house in the background is, of course, The Lilac House.

The Tankerville Lead Mine, immediately below the site.

Tankerville mine again. This area was a centre of lead mining from Roman times until the last century, and there are a good many remains to be seen. The Bog just up the road, is an example of a now-deserted village which was a thriving industrial community within living memory.

Unfortunately, when I visited The Bog, and also the extensive and interesting remains of the Snailbeach mine, I had'nt thought of starting this record of my activities during this trip; so I didn't take any pictures.

Well, there's always another day - and there's also a better camera. What's a pension lump sum payment for if you can't treat yourself?

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