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Kingsbury Water Park

December 2010

Snow and concerts

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The tow from home to Kingsbury across slushy roads resulted in my having the dirtiest caravan in the history of the planet!

In a seriously frozen December, not many people go caravanning. But for those who did, it was very pretty.

Under the arctic conditions, I found it too cold to do much exploring, and most of the wildlife kept sensibly out of sight in a burrow or nest or whatever. But the geese didn't seem to mind - unless they thought the driver of the truck was about to feed them?

You've heard the expression, "Silly goose"? Here you see why: anything daft enough to try to swim in that lake is a very silly goose. No?

Kingsbury Water Park consists of a group of lakes such as this, and one could spend quite a lot of time exploring: I have no doubt that, when it is less unreasonably cold, there is plenty of wildlife to observe, as well as pleasant walking or cycling. But not today. I'll come again later in the year with a bicycle.

A photo of a frozen canal - an exercise in perspective, or a pretty snap, as you will.

These not very interesting cows are further away than they seem - I wanted to play with the zoom lens on my new camera.

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