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December 2010

Christmas with my family

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The Internet is a large and public place, and I intend to be careful how much personal information I give out, especially if it's personal to other people: so no family groups and embarrassing gaffes, or pictures of Uncle Charlie in an inebriated condition, here!

On December 23rd, although still arctic weather, the sun came out, and I took my mother for a drive in the Campsie Hills. These pictures were all taken a few miles east of Fintry; this one, looking east back along the way we had come, to the Campsies.

My new camera has an excellent zoom lens: this is taken from the same place as the last, in the same direction, but zoomed in. It also has, amongst others, a "profile" for Snow Scenes; if you think the colour balance looks good, that's the wonder of modern technology.

Again from the same spot, and looking north-west: the identity of the mountain is uncertain; since I am not local and haven't a clue, and my brother (who has lived here some decades) is not sure, I shall refrain from extending my neck in the presence of persons with choppers. It's an unidentified object. Were it flying, I could start a whole new UFO conspiracy theory, but hey ...

Again experimenting with my camera, I took two shots of the sunset behind the trees over the house opposite my mother's. This one taken using the "Sunset" profile ...

... and this using the "Snow Scenes" profile. Remarkably - even impressively - different.

Maybe there's even scope for the artistic deliberate use of the "wrong" profile?

Because of the bad weather we didn't get out and about much, but we did get a trip to the coast - Largs, to be precise. Coffee in a cafe that was trying too hard - fake upmarket ambience and not very excellent coffee - followed by a cold and windy walk: my attempt to catch the only bit of sky that wasn't uniformely grey hasn't really come off. Then an excellent lunch in The George, an honest pub with good food at very reasonable prices and much better coffee than the posher place.

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