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This page was initially an index page to my public files; but all the more recent ones are now on Dropbox, so it is just a link page for the use of those who have bookmarked it in the past or who may be finding it/me from a search engine.

Links to where I keep stuff:

Recorder music organised by composer/category. Follow my Facebook account for news of new recordings; or email to be put on my email notification list.

Photographs. Follow my Facebook account for new additions; I don't keep a miling list for photos.

Facebook, where my whereabouts, comments and rants appear now, together with news of new photos and my recordings of recorder music.

Email: richardf [at] telford [dot] org [dot] uk

Older stuff

These are photos I haven't bothered to move across and re-index.

July to December 2011: Click here
Still earlier posts: Click here

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